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The Thought of Passing an Addiction Trait to your Child

You will see so many people struggling to fight off an addiction. When they get to have kids, they shall wonder whether their addiction was passed down to them. Here is more info on what an addiction would mean in a family.
Addictions, it is sad to learn, are genetic. When kids whose parents were once heavy addicts get to teenage years, their likelihood of also succumbing is high. This addiction is the result of both genetics and behavior. we can therefore see that behavior is the other factor as crucial as genetics. How you behave, and consequently how your children end up behaving will affect their chances of being addicts. In all things, you will find your kids aping your behavior.
When you look at the DNA in human beings, you will find that we are similar up to 99.9% of ourselves. The only differences in our DNA are summed up in the other 0.1%. That similarity means that even family members share more than we can scientifically calculate. This shows you how some families have a certain disease affecting them, addictions being one of those. If you were an addict before, imagine the chances of your child being one.
We can also closely examine how behavior is a major part of an addiction. The way you behave in front of your child affects them profoundly. If you use drugs or alcohol, you shall be in close proximity to it. This also places it near their kids. They shall, therefore, have an easier time getting to use it this way. There is also the fact that this kid is being raised by an addict. Their behavior will not be the usual, which is why addiction is not far-fetched.
The good news is that such an environment also presents you with the first-hand experience of the destructive effects of an addiction. Children of some addicts have grown to detest and ultimately stay away from a life filled with drugs and alcohol. This shall give them all the motivation they need to make sure that such a life is not what they end up giving their kids in future. You can make another positive contribution in their lives by making sure that this is not how history now repeats itself.
There is the simple approach of you taking time to talk to them about drug and alcohol addiction, and how that affected you, with several illustrations. They will see just how bad things can get, and how easily they start. We can see the danger the child is already in, but we can also see there is hope that they will not end up being as their fate wishes.
If you are struggling with an addiction, you can read more info on how to effectively deal with it here.

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